Egg Rolls
Egg Rolls are a delicious start to any Chinese meal, can compliment any entree or can be eaten alone as a main dish with your favorite Chinese sauce!
Ginger Honey Spare Ribs
Marinate your favorite cut of pork ribs to create mouth-watering, sticky Ginger Honey Spareribs as an appetizer that will have you licking your fingers for more, or serve next to steamed rice for a delicious and made simple meal everyone will enjoy.
Mandarin Pancakes
Mandarin pancakes are the delightful Chinese version of tortillas with a twist! Fill Mandarin Pancakes with Mu Shu Pork to create an enjoyable snack or meal for any appetite!
Pot Stickers
Filled with yummy surprises and wrapped in traditional won-ton wrappers, Pot Stickers are delicious treats that are even better when dipped in your favorite Chinese sauce!
Sesame Noodles
Sesame noodles are a fast and easy way to create a delicious appetizer or a hearty side-dish that will compliment any Chinese entree!
Sweet and Sour Ribs
When your craving something sweet and tangy, prepare Sweet and Sour Ribs as a starter dish or main meal!
Tea Eggs
Looking for a delicious appetizer that will "Wow!" your guests? The marble-look of Tea Eggs will definitely be a hit at any gathering.
Crispy Won-tons are an enjoyable Chinese treat! Filled with cream cheese and delicious crab meat or shrimp, Won-tons will immediately have you taken by the warm creamy filling and crunchy outside texture.

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