Congee Rice
One can never go wrong when making Congee Rice. Prepare Congee Rice creamy and thick like porridge, slightly watery for a soup texture or sweet for a dessert or breakfast dish. Simply put, Congee rice equals comfort!
Crab Fried Rice
Crab Fried Rice is a mouthwatering dish that will be sure to please any seafood lover.
Fried Rice
Fried Rice pairs well with any Chinese traditional entrée. This recipe is easy to prepare and will satisfy most any appetite!
Ginger Rice
When you're tired of ordinary rice, or if your craving something different, prepare Ginger Rice! The simple taste of ginger adds the right amount of flavor to this dish.
Hot Rice Salad
Looking for a salad that's not only versatile, but delicious? Try Chinese Hot Rice Salad as a main meal or side-dish, served hot or cold. Hot Rice Salad is delightful any way you serve it!
Pai Fan (Boiled Rice)
Pai Fan is a simple and quick recipe that will give you perfect white rice every time!
Pork Fried Rice
This recipe is awesome.
Steamed Rice
Making the prefect Steamed Rice every time isn't easy. Use this easy to follow recipe to prepare steamed rice, and you'll never have that problem again!
Sticky Rice
Sticky Rice pairs well with any vegetarian, pork or chicken dish! Its simple ingredients and preparation steps make Sticky Rice easy to prepare.

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