Chinese Chicken Salad
Let this recipe for Chinese Chicken Salad help you add your own touch to the basic recipe by creating your own homemade dressing. It adds the right amount of zing that Chinese Chicken Salad needs!
Chinese Spaghetti Salad
Chinese Spaghetti Salad is a delicious, mildly spicy spaghetti salad treat that your family can enjoy all year around, but is especially refreshing in the spring and summer. This easy to prepare recipe combines spaghetti, fresh vegetables and seasonings to create a delicious side dish or meal!
Classic Chinese Cabbage Chicken Salad
Although not an authentic Chinese recipe, this light, crisp salad is a great addition to any Asian entrée or as a light and healthy meal on its own.
Hot Rice Salad
Looking for a salad that's not only versatile, but delicious? Try Chinese Hot Rice Salad as a main meal or side-dish, served hot or cold. Hot Rice Salad is delightful any way you serve it!
Sweet and Easy Chinese Cabbage Salad
This Sweet and Easy Chinese Cabbage Salad recipe can be enjoyed by the entire family for lunch or dinner. The quick recipe steps and easy to find ingredients will become a favorite dish for any meal.
Sweet and Sour Tofu Salad
Marinade tofu to add a special twist to your health. The taste of ground ginger and kick of sweet chili in the dressing will make Sweet and Sour Tofu Salad come alive with flare!

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