How to Make a Scallion Flower

Here's how to make this lovely scallion flower
This is a nifty trick to help you to create an authentic Chinese dining experience.


Cut the green ends off the onion just before the point where they diverge from the bulb. The knife in the image shows the cut point.

Cut the ends off
Cut halfway through to the end

Using only the tip of a sharp paring knife and starting about ¾ of an inch from the end of the bulb, cut halfway through the scallion to the end. Do not insert the knife all the way through to the board. Make about 3-4 evenly spaced cuts.

Soak in ice water for about 15 minutes, pushing the scallion to the bottom of the bowl to encourage the ends to fan out.

Soak in ice water for 15 minutes
Push the scallion to the bottom

Shake out water, dry and serve.


If desired, finely chop the green portions for sprinkling around the plate.


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